If you require ASSISTANCE -  please email sales@hopkinsonandsons.com  or phone 01751 471471.    Thank you.

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Automowers - Robotic Mowers


Husqvarna Installation - Our  experienced technicians also offer an Installation Service

We are based at YO18 7JW.  We presently have good stocks of robotic mowers . Flymo, McCulloch, Gardena, and Husqvarna.

Husqvarna Robots carry a TWO YEAR Husqvarna warranty - provided that the robot is serviced annually.



Installation (by ourselves) is NOT included in these discounted internet prices - which are priced to sell with "self-installation".

Expecting to see Husqvarna Riders here ?

If you clicked through on our Robots and Riders digital campaign .... and you wish to see Husqvarna Rider Lawnmowers....   Just click on the image below.


Robotic Mowers - Are they any good ?

You have probably heard about Robotic Mowers, and you have probably heard that they are "seriously good" !   We are experts in robotic mowers, and have been selling, installing and maintaining these for over a decade.    We primarily sell robots from Flymo, McCulloch, Gardena and Husqvarna.

The Flymo and McCulloch and Gardena brands are "consumer products" and are aimed at the smaller garden.    250 square metres to 1000 square metres.   The installation materials are in the box for these "consumer products", and you are normally expected to do your OWN installation.   However, Steam and Moorland can and do provide assistance (via email or phone - or in the shop if you are local to us in North Yorkshire).

The Husqvarna robots shown here are priced to sell ... and generally you would purchase an installation kit at the same time, and you would perform your OWN installation.  Again, Steam and Moorland can and do provide assistance (via email or phone - or in the shop if you are local to us in North Yorkshire).

IMPORTANT -  If you wish for us to perform the installation for you ....

If you wish us to do the install for you ... and MOST customers now do (because we have cable laying machines & can provide a really tidy installation from day one)  .... you can either email us or phone us (01751) 475666 - as we can put a complete package in place for you.  We can also help you to select the most suitable robot for YOUR garden.


Any questions Just call us on  (01751) 475666.   Thank you.

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