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Garden Centre Malton

An excellent garden centre near Malton awaits you and your family for a splendid afternoon among beautiful flowers and getting much-needed supplies for your garden. Steam and Moorland Garden Centre is located right on the A169 half a mile short of Pickering to the right. You can visit any day of the week and spend a wonderful time in the refined decorations of our beautiful garden centre.

Things you can buy in our garden centre near Malton 

As a comprehensive provider of gardening essentials and associated products, we make sure no customer leaves our garden centre without getting what they need. We have numerous items available in each of the following product categories:

  • Artificial Plants: We have artificial flowers and plants available in various arrangements in our garden centre near Malton. They come handy in decorating the indoors and the garden walls, and you never have to worry about them: all they need is some dusting once in a while. Their colour stays on around the year and you can even spray some fragrance on them for effect.
  • Grow-Your-Own: If you have decided to grow your own vegetables, fruits, herbs, and more, we have all the items you will need to get on with the exercise. Our aquatic planters allow beautiful aquatic plants to grow on your patio; and our deep-rooted planters allow you to grow roots, like potatoes and onions. Furthermore, we have nested planter sets, potting tables, composters, raised beds, and tiered beds so you can grow all kinds of plants you want in a variety of arrangements.
  • Barbecues: Many of our customers fancy outdoor cooking on sunny days. Barbecue garden parties are a way for many of them to get family and friends together to have a great time and enjoy steaks and grilled ribs. We have quite a few barbecues available in our display at the garden centre near Malton.
  • Birdcare: Birds complete the natural look of a garden. To take care of your flying visitors, you can get a number of bird stations and feeding products from our stock. We have branded peanut and suet feeders, seed feeder stands, bird stations, seed trays, feeding tables, log feeders with multiple outlets, and more. We also have bat boxes, bird feed, bee boxes, and squirrel snack boxes for you to be kind to other harmless wildlife in your garden as well.
  • Compost & Spreaders: At Steam & Moorland Garden Centre, we also offer a variety of fertilisers and composts for different needs of various plants. We also have a tried-and-tested popular spreader to help you take care of the material easily.
  • Decorative Stones: Decorative stones can be used in a garden to do much more than lay a path for your visitors that keeps the plants and lawn safe. For example, if you have a pond in your garden, the stones we have will look splendid in there. We have paddlestones, slate, Cotswold brown, pebbles, golden corn, gravel, flint, chippings, cobbles, shingles, and more to satisfy all your paving needs.
  • Garden Tools: Garden hand tools are a must for every gardener. You need them for tens of reasons and tasks every day. In our garden centre near Malton, we have a wide variety of garden tools that are bound to come handy in your garden frequently. These include bow saws, rakes, spades, secateurs, shears, hoes, slashers, forks, and much more.
  • Garden Storage: We have a range of storage products for various purposes available in our stock, including large log and tool stores, log stores, and log chests. All of these items are made of wood and look very natural sitting in a corner of your garden.
  • Garden Furniture: The outdoor furniture we have in our inventory comprises trusted brands: Alexander Rose, Anchor Fast, and Zest 4 Leisure. We have a comprehensive range of garden furniture products from these brands, including love seats, chair and table sets, picnic tables, garden benches, arches, arbours, trellis, pergola seats, lattice, gazebos, and more.
  • Greenhouses: Our greenhouses and cold frames come from tested and trusted brands: Eden Greenhouses, Halls, Juliana, and Swallow (wooden only). Our range of products includes lean-tos, greenhouses, cold frames, and all related accessories.
  • Patio & Paving: Paving, when done right, will not only create areas in the garden where you can walk and play without disturbing the plants but also add to the aesthetics. Our stock of Deco Pak patio and paving solutions is helping customers build beautiful patterns in their gardens and the driveway.
  • Pest Control: Where there is a garden there will be pests, and you will need to do some real effort to keep them from taking over your garden. To help you in this worthy cause, we have a number of pest control products, including tradition and electronic traps, bait stations, sonic repellers, fly magnet traps, and wasp traps.
  • Sheds: You can also buy sheds for your garden in our garden centre near Malton. Having a proper shed or summerhouse allows you to store your garden furniture and other things in other seasons so you can use them in summer. Our stock has various designs with suntrap options as well.
  • Pets & Accessories: We keep a collection of tortoises, canaries, and fish in our store at Steam & Moorland Garden Centre. We also have feeds, beddings, and toys available for your cats and puppies. Moreover, you can also get accessories like small fish tanks, daylight spots, ceramic lamps, infrared bulbs, and thermostats for various uses.

Why garden owners visit our plant market near Malton

The key reason why residents living in the localities all around our garden centre prefer to visit our garden centre for the wide range of items we have in our inventory is variety. We have always felt it an ambition very close to our hearts that we deliver what our customers require. This is why you will find a huge range of items in certain categories of gardening related products that we offer at competitive prices. In our garden centre near Malton, you will find numerous product options: from small greenhouses for a home garden to wall gardens and patio display pots, auto mowers to hedge trimmers and chainsaws, rakes to bush cutters and shears, seeds to spreaders and composts, garden furniture to storage and tools, and pesticides to birdcare and grow-your-own items, we have everything you can ask for and more. Our online store alone usually has around 600 unique items on sale.

Shop online from our garden centre near Malton

We established an easy-to-use online store for our customers upon repeated requests for frequent updates about our stock. Our online store allows customers to stay updated with our products, which they can easily examine using the images we have uploaded. In case they prefer trying out an item for themselves, they can always take the 12-minute drive out of Malton to our garden centre and try the samples on display. For residents of neighbourhoods like Malton and Pickering, visiting our garden centre to assess our range of products is quite convenient. However, we deliver all products across the UK as well as in the EU.

Visit us this week to get all the supplies and gardening essentials you need or come over to visit the great Engine Shed Restaurant.

Looking for a garden centre near Malton? Visit Steam and Moorland Garden Centre in Pickering for a great range of garden products!