Nice SummerhouseAcapulco Summerhouse in May 2014Premier Pent Shed 10x8 Installed in March 2014Big Dutch Barn installed in Spring 2014Another nice Acapulco Summerhouse InstallNice Summerhouse Install by Steam and Moorland - November 2015This man converted his shed into an Aviary for his CockatielsHad to be better than the neighbours one !Tight for ourselves doing the install ... but it is great for the customer.All weather InstallFinishing Touches - October 2013Another Tidy Install - September 2013Fine Photo of a great install - Acapulco - August 2013Kept us warm and busy on 7th March 2013Tight Fit - but we got it in !Winter work - December 2012This install was tougher than it looks - October 2012This is NOT leaning - September 2012Nice when installs go SO well - July 2012Keeping an Ete on the Veggies - June 2012Very Tidy Install - March 2012One of our BIGGER Installs 20x10 - July 2017Deluxe Suntrap - May 2014Nice install at Harrogate, North YorkshireShed and Summerhouse Install - Sept 2017

Pedestrian Lawnmowers

We offer a great range of pedestrian lawnmowers, also know as walk-behind lawnmowers. 

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