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Decking and Accessories

Decking and Accessories available to view and buy at Steam and Moorland Garden Centre, Pickering, North Yorkshire.

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Why do WE use Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Decking ?

Here at Steam and Moorland, we have several areas of decking, and we have been finding significant problems - because of the wonderful British weather.

Firstly, our decking areas started to "look tired" ... so we treated them religiously for a couple of years.    We tried various different stain and decking paint products, and they all looked good - for about a year - then we were back to square one.  This was EXPENSIVE both in time and effort - and in paint !

Then we started to notice just how tremendously SLIPPERY they became under certain weather conditions.   So we used a decking paint with "built-in GRIP".   Good - but again only for a year.  More expense !

Then after a couple of years we started to notice that the wooden decking was WARPING and did not stay fixed doen properly because of "rotting joists".   After a couple more years we found that we were spending so long with keeping the decking "level" and screwed down properly that we were unable to keep up on the annual painting.

In a couple of areas - we found that the decking was actually starting to rot through - especially where water was allowed standing in the groves.   This water could occasionally freeze - just adding to the potential slip problems.

As we are a public site - we ended up having to CLOSE certain areas - for SAFETY reasons.    This started to become a huge problem - especially on our wonderful Engine Shed Restaurant balcony.


Decision Time

We decided that - after about 8 or 9 years - the time had come to REPLACE our wooden decking with WPC  (Wood-Plastic Composite) decking.

We have found it to be considerably less slippery, and more durable.  We are expecting a great deal LESS maintenance.

Please - do come to Steam and Moorland - at Pickering, North Yorkshire and take a look for yourselves !