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Siromer 254CH - 4WD - Tractor Flatpacked (Assembly Option Available)

Siromer 254CH - 4WD - Tractor Flatpacked (Assembly Option Available)

Price £ 7,195.00


Siromer 254CH Tractor 4WD 25HP

Introduced in 2014, all models in the CH Range feature a shuttle gearbox and, like the EU Range, can be road registered. The range comprises of three models, the 254CH (similar in size to the 204E and 244E) and the highester horsepower tractors Siromer offer; the 404CH (40HP) and 504CH (50HP). All models are 4WD.

The Siromer 254CH can be road registered and features a shuttle gearbox. Similar in specification to the EU Range 244E, the 254CH offers a shuttle gearbox rather than a creeper gearbox like the 244E. A shuttle tractor has an independent forward reverse lever, allowing the operator to switch between the two directions quickly and easily, which makes the tractor ideal for loader work. The shuttle gearbox on the 254CH has 8 forward and 8 reverse gears and a top speed of 18KMH.

The compact 254CH is fitted with a high torque, 3 cylinder, direct injection diesel engine, providing ample power for a wide range of implements.

An independently controlled front loader with standard or 4in1 bucket is also available.

Key Features

  • Four cylinder, direct injection, diesel engine.

  • Heavy duty front and rear axles, which provide support for hefty lifts and drags.

  • A wet braking system for efficient and long lasting braking.

  • Shuttle gearbox, giving 12 forward and 12 reverse gears.

  • A maximum speed of 25MPH.

  • Choice of Agricultural or Turf Tyre


CH Tractor Specifications



404CH / 504CH / 504CH Cab



40hp / 50hp / 50hp

Bore x Stroke (mm)


90x100 / 98x105 / 98x105

Maximum 3PL Lift


1500kg / 1700kg / 1700kg

Size (Length x Width x Height)

3405mm x 1440mm x 2240mm

3980mm x 1650mm x 2660mm / 3980mm x 1650mm x 2660mm
/ 3980mm x 1650mm x 2700mm

Turning Circle



PTO Speed

540RPM 1000RPM

540RPM 1000RPM


Dual Action 8 or 9 Inch

Dual Action 10 Inch

Wheel Drive

Selectable 4WD

Selectable 4WD


3 Cylinder, Water Cooled, Direct Injection Diesel

4 Cylinder, Water Cooled, Direct Injection Diesel



Wet Disc (Improved Durability & Performance)

Rated Speed



Cultivation Depth Control


Draft and Postition Combined, Floating Control


Shuttle (8 Forward 8 Reverse)

Shuttle (12 Forward 12 Reverse)


Hydraulic Power Steering

Hydraulic Power Steering


Dual Double Acting (20L/Min)

Dual Double Acting (30L/Min)

Hitching Mechanism

3 Point Linkage (Cat One)

3 Point Linkage (Cat Two)

Hitch Device

Clevis Drawbar

Clevis Drawbar


Ag (6.0-16 Front, 9.5-24 Rear)

Ag (8.3-20 Front, 12.4-28 Rear)

Turf (9.5-16 Front, 13-20 Rear)


254CH Loader

404CH / 504CH Loader

Lift Capacity



Max Lift Height



Dump Height



Digging Depth



Bucket Width



Bucket Capacity


0.45m cu

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