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Anyone but Tories (ABC) - How to deal with Conservative Party MPs and their ineptitude

Why is this page here ?

On  Sat 09/05/2015 16:26  we congratulated our local MP (Mr Kevin Hollinrake) upon his election as MP.

At the same time - we told him -  "now comes the responsibilities … Thirsk, Malton and Filey …. and UNITED Kingdom !"  

Mr Hollinrake had already been "ineffectively" dealing with an issue we had been having with RDC - Ryedale Distric Council our now-defunct local government  !

Mr Hollinrake was "ineffective" because - as far as he was concerned it was a "Planning Matter".

So we had to have an expensive (esp. for RDC) two day public enquiry which demonstrated that they were in the wrong.   (and wrong to accuse us of "lying on a sworn oath" as well !)


Why is this page here NOW  ?

On  Friday  10th March 2023  the BBC have asked  Gary Linaker to  "stand back" from presenting ... whilst they "sort out impartiality"   !

Impartiality ?    Who is the BBC chairman ?  How much did he "donate" to Boris and the Tories ?   How did he become BBC chairman ?

Sounds to ourselves that both the BBC  and the Tory Party need a dictionary  (cut and past "impartiality" from here lads !) 

Does the following  smell to you ? 

What does this smell of ?

It certainly smells to us !

Will Rishi be equally "smelly" ....   well we are perhaps going to find out very soon.  Rishi can prevent FURTHER smelliness - but will he ?


What will this page achieve  ?

In the past - Steam and Moorland had to deal with Tripadviser ... and their lack of being able to deal with "fake reviews".

So we created a page called "Tripadvisor problems and how to deal with them"  https://www.steamandmoorland.com/trip-advisor-problems-and-how-to-deal-with-them  

As we predicted ... lots of people looked at this page ...   and  as we predicted Tripadvisor has become largely irrelevant to us.


So here is another  prediction -     If Mr Hollinrake and the Tories in general can't pay attention and quickly ... they will become irrelevant - starting at the next election.

We find ourselves becoming more and more "ABC"  - anyone but Conservative.    Why ?

Keep reading .... this page will get continuously updated until the next election - and for as long as it takes.



Update - 15 March 2024

UK store closures ‘surge’ after five-year low

Unfortunately our MP (Kevin Hollinrake) has either NOT taken our warnings and meetings seriously ... or he has been totally ineffective in mitigating Tory Party incompetence.








Kind Regards to all (but the Tories),


Charles Hopkinson