The Steam and Moorland Garden Centre, Machinery Centre and "Engine Shed" Restaurant  are now OPEN again.   

This website remains shut for ordering  - until we are "geared up" again.

If you see something on this site that you would like to purchase please email  or phone 01751 471471.  We will see if we can help.   Thank you.


  • All lawn mowers and chain saws are tested
  • Free UK Delivery over £50
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Ships to Uk and Europe

We are OPEN on Boxing Day - "Engine Shed" Restaurant

We are OPEN on Boxing Day - "Engine Shed" Restaurant



Boxing day is very special ... and we want to provide a lovely atmosphere in the "Engine Shed" Restaurant.

Maybe have a walk first, then come to see us - or vice-verca ?


We could just be shut ....   but ...  "The Engine Shed" Restaurant provides a lovely warm, friendly environment whatever the weather.


If you have been to the "Engine Shed" Restaurant - then you will know already ...

,,, and if you haven't ... why not give us a try THIS Boxing Day ?