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News - Page 42

City trees grow faster

Trees in cities grow 25% faster than their country cousins, according to new research by an international team of scientists led by the Technical University of Munich in Germany.

DIY: Christmas wreath

Make your own Christmas wreath from plants you’re growing in the garden and you can create a truly personal decoration to hang on the door to welcome your guests for the festive season.

Plant of the Week: Viburnum

Viburnums are queens of the winter garden, bursting into flower in December and continuing the show right through till spring.

Time to plant strawberries!

Plant strawberries now so they have a chance to get their roots down before spring, as well as getting the spell of frosty weather they need to produce flowers and set fruit for a bumper crop of luscious, fat sweet berries next summer.

Collect autumn leaves

Collect fallen autumn leaves and you can use them to make gardeners’ gold – also known as leafmould, one of the best soil improvers you can’t buy.

Prune your blackcurrant bushes

Prune blackcurrant bushes to encourage lots more fresh, young growth next year and bumper crops to match.

Soil testing

Test your soil now to get to know it and understand fully what it is capable of. You can do two types of test to find out about what’s under your feet: the texture test, and a simple pH test using a kit from the garden centre here in Pickering, which will tell you how acid or alkaline your soil is.

Cheer up your doorstep or patio!

Plant up winter pots to cheer up your doorstep and patio right the way through the coldest months of the year.

More successful breeding in the UK

Wildlife-friendly gardeners may be encouraging birds to grow longer beaks according to scientists.

Plant of the week: Cornus Alba

Of all the winter-stem dogwoods, Cornus alba shines out for its reliability, easy-going nature and sheer brilliant vibrancy.