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News - Page 71

Chelsea show garden

The RHS Feel Good Garden is designed by leading landscaper Matt Keightley for this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. It will be a modern, stylish space designed to provide a therapeutic space focussing on health and wellbeing.

Planting asparagus crowns

Asparagus is fantastic value for money, as once you’ve planted it your crop will provide fat, succulent spears each spring for 20 years or even more!

Great Daffodil Appeal

The charity unveiled its ‘Garden of Light’ at Caernarfon Castle in North Wales featuring a giant 10ft tall daffodil lamp, lighting up each time anyone sits in the yellow armchair beneath.

Plant of the Week: Citrus

Lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit bring a touch of the Mediterranean to gardens in the UK. Once you have one, you tend to want lots as they’re bewitchingly beautiful with their green, glossy leaves, beautifully scented winter flowers and of course those glowing fruits.

How to take care of your fruit trees and bushes

Fruit trees and bushes are big, generous plants that need plenty of goodness in the soil to produce their bumper crops each year. You can do your bit to boost nutrient levels by scattering slow-release fertiliser in spring.

Garden Re-Leaf Day

The annual fundraising event is in aid of the Greenfingers charity, which builds gardens in hospices used by children with life-limiting illnesses and their families. Since it began in 2012, Garden Re-Leaf has raised over £500,000 towards this fantastic cause, helping hundreds of families just when they need it most.

Plant of the Week: Hortensia hydrangeas

The huge, showy flower heads appear in late summer, a time when borders are often looking a little tired, with blooms so prolific they almost cover the bush, like an explosion of colour and beauty.

Plant of the Week: Hyacinth

It won’t be long till they burst into flower, so now is the perfect opportunity to pop into the garden centre and pick up a bowl full of ready-grown bulbs just on the point of flowering.

Sowing annuals from seed

Half-hardy annuals include some real beauties like golden yellow rudbeckia, delicate nicotiana, feathery-leaved cosmos and zingy zinnias. 

What to do in the garden in March

There’s so much to do this month it’s hard to know where to start. Nevertheless, we created a to-do list to get you started!