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Celebrate Mother's Day with a dose of nature

The one day of the year we celebrate Mother's Day everywhere, will soon be here and it's a day to recognise, appreciate and thank the special lady in our life. You could go for an exclusive meal or a girls day at the spa, but nothing is more appreciated than spending time with Mum, perfect quality time. Plus where better to go than to immerse yourselves in nature. There are plenty of options since it is springtime and here are our top picks.

How to prune roses

Pruning roses doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply follow a few basic principles, then sit back and enjoy the gorgeous blooms of your favourite roses this summer.

Celebrate St.Patrick's Day

These fun ideas to celebrate St. Patrick's Day will keep your family and friends entertained and enjoying the annual fun day in celebration of the Emerald Isle. Streets are adorned with green leprechaun hats, and four-leaf clover banners cover bars and restaurants where you will find plenty of music, food and fun. All done in great spirits. If you are staying home to celebrate, have fun with these ideas for the greenest day of the year.

Unusual houseplant displays

Have you seen any unusual houseplant displays? Since the houseplant trend has taken off wildly these last few years, there are so many displays to take inspiration from for your own home. From small shelf displays to fun houseplants planted up in old toys, the options are almost endless. We have found some of the best unusual houseplant displays for you to try at home with your favourite plants.

How to ensure your Rodents Gnaw

Have you ever wondered how to ensure your Rodents gnaw? They love to chew and scrape their teeth, and that's because they incisors never stop growing. It does mean they have to continue to wear their teeth down to a comfortable length so they can eat and be healthy. If they are allowed to grow too long they will be unable to eat, so it is essential to ensure your pet rodents have the right food and accessories to keep happy. Here re our recommendations to do just that.

Add a touch of Latin to your home

It is easy to add a touch of Latin to your home with colourful accessories and big, beautiful tropical plants. Latin artistry is bright and captivating with mosaics and fabrics mixed with a refreshing and exciting mix of art. It can be a big change to implement a full design like this to home so adding a touch of the style can go a long way to bringing in the fun and culture of Latin America to your everyday life at home.

Flower of the month: Tulip

The flower of the month has to be the March Tulip! As we step over the threshold to the spring months ahead, the bulbs are flowering, and our gardens, kitchen gardens, patios and balconies all start to show some beautiful colour. The Tulip is the most vibrant of them all, coming in a range of colours and varieties there is one to suit everyone and all gardens. To celebrate the vibrant flowers, here are some facts and tips about the colourful Tulip.

15 gardening tips for March

Daffodils bob in the breeze, buds appear on the trees – yes, spring’s really here at last. Spend an hour or two now getting your garden into shape, and you’ll reap the benefits all summer long. Here are our top garden tips for March.

Houseplant of the month: Dendrobium

Dendrobium orchids make spectacular houseplants, with their gorgeous blooms lasting for weeks in spring, and with a bit of care, they’ll thrive and flower year after year. Here’s how to keep your dendrobium looking good all year round.  

Top 6 greenhouse heating tips

An advantage to owning a greenhouse is that you can grow something almost all year. A greenhouse can be used to look after your plants over winter or just for a little extra storage over the colder months, but what if you do want to extend the growing season all year round? Then you are most likely going to need to heat the greenhouse to help your plants along. Here are our top 6 tips for heating your greenhouse.