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8 ways to make a biodiverse garden

We all know that biodiversity is a good thing, but what does it actually mean? Well, essentially, it’s the variety of plants and animals found in an area. A biodiverse garden can contain an astonishing number of different forms of life, from bacteria, fungi, worms and insects to small mammals, birds, and of course, plants. 

What to sow in the kitchen garden in May

Knowing what to sow in the kitchen garden in May is pretty easy since it’s such a busy year for sowing and growing. Often it might seem by this point in the year that you have missed a chance to sow or that you are too late, but there are very many different vegetables and salads that can be sown in May for an abundant harvest. So as the seeds you have already sown will be growing at quite a pace as the weather warms up, make sure you have plenty of crops even going into Autumn by sowing in May. 

15 Garden Tips for May

May is a beautiful month to be out in the garden, with birds singing, bees buzzing and everything coming into bloom. Here are our top gardening tips for May to get your garden looking great for the summer.

Houseplant of the month: The autograph plant

Clusia rosea is called the autograph plant because its leaves are so thick and tough that it’s possible to carve your name in them without harming the plant, although this isn’t recommended as good plant care! The big, glossy green leaves give this attractive houseplant a stylish air that goes well with clean lines and contemporary décor. Clusia rosea does very occasionally flower in hot summers, producing pink or white flowers, but it’s the foliage that’s the main attraction. 

Low maintenance landscaping

Want a beautiful garden but don’t have hours to spend looking after it? Go for low maintenance garden landscaping. Choose your plants and materials carefully, and you can still have a garden that looks good all year round.

What to do after spring bulbs have flowered

Wondering what to do after spring bulbs have flowered? It is actually quite easy to clear up afterwards and then use the space where they flower for even more flowers. These tips are handy if you have an area dedicated solely to spring bulbs because, for the rest of the year, it could look quite bare. Still, there are options for using that space while your bulbs are safely underground, storing energy for the following spring. Here are some ideas;

Pair up Roses and Clematis

When you pair up Roses and Clematis, you can have a beautiful display in your garden that will flower for many months of the year, bringing colour and interest to you and wildlife. Roses and Clematis look so very pretty together, and when you get the combination right for you, your pergola, arches, and trellis can be a riot of colour to enjoy. These pairs grow really well together and look wonderful too. 

Watching garden birds in spring

Birds are at their most active in spring, making nests and raising their young, so it’s the perfect time to do a bit of bird-watching. Here are a few of the birds you’re likely to see in your garden, plus some tips on what to feed them to make sure they keep coming back. 

How to get rid of garden weeds

Weeds can be a real nuisance in the garden. They compete with our favourite plants for water and nutrients, and they spread the minute our backs are turned. As gardeners, we’re always looking for better ways to deal with the problem, so here’s our quick guide on how to get rid of garden weeds

5 easy herbs to grow

Whether your garden is big, small or just a few pots on a windowsill, there’s always space to grow herbs. Growing your own herbs means there’s a ready supply any time you need them, and they look good too, often producing flowers that attract bees and other beneficial insects. We’ve picked our five favourite easy herbs to grow.