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7 ways to help your garden cope with heat waves

We all know how important it is to water our gardens, especially when the weather is hot. But it’s just as important to water effectively so that the plants get the right amount of water with as little waste as possible. Our top tips will help you use water well in your garden.

Summer and winter pruning

Here’s a brief guide to the differences between summer and winter pruning.

How to divide plants 

Knowing how to divide plants is such a rewarding task because not only does it help your plants to thrive and gives them room to grow but it also means it results in you having more free plants!

How to harvest beets 

Know how to harvest beets with this guide we have put together for you. Harvesting delicious homegrown beets is such a joyful experience, and the flavour just can not be beaten!

9 Design Tips For a Mediterranean Garden

Imagine having your very own Mediterranean getaway in your garden – relaxed, informal and fragrant in the summer sunshine. With these simple tips, it’s easy to add a touch of Mediterranean style to your garden.

How to keep your crops safe from animals

Growing your own fruit and vegetables can be very rewarding. But sometimes, it can also feel like a battle, with every creature in your garden just waiting for the chance to devour your carefully nurtured plants. Here are our top tips on keeping your crops safe from everything that wants to eat them.

Create a backyard bee meadow 

It is easy to create a backyard bee meadow and make your garden a place where pollinators can enjoy lots of nectar in a biodiverse space.

15 gardening tips for August

August means holidays are here, so take some time to enjoy your garden and reap the benefits of all your hard work throughout the year. There’s still plenty to do, though, and our top gardening tips for August will help you keep your garden looking great right through summer.

6 top crops to grow in containers

Growing your own food is very satisfying, and you don’t need a big space to do it. Plenty of fruit, vegetables, and herbs will grow happily in pots on a patio, balcony, or even on a sunny windowsill. Here are a few crops that you can grow in containers to get you started:

Best plants for a window kitchen garden 

Choose the best plants for a window kitchen garden to ensure you have a thriving place in your kitchen full of plants.