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Mantis 4-stroke Deluxe XP 16" Tiller and Kick Stand

Mantis 4-stroke Deluxe XP 16" Tiller and Kick Stand Mantis 4-stroke Deluxe XP 16" Tiller and Kick Stand
Price £ 579.00
    At this time, the product is not in stock.

    Mantis 4-stroke Deluxe XP 16" Tiller and Kick Stand

    Price £ 579.00
    At this time, the product is not in stock.

    All the features and benefits of the classic Mantis Tiller/Cultivator, now with a 4-Stroke Honda Engine.

    Introducing the largest, most powerful Mantis Tiller ever.

    You'll get more done in less time with the new Mantis« Deluxe XP Tiller/Cultivator. It's lightweight and easier to manoeuvre than large front-tine and mid-tine tillers. The Mantis Deluxe XP Tiller features a productive 16"/ 41 cm tilling width powered with a fuel efficient 35cc four-stroke engine powered by Subaru.

    New ergonomic comfort grip handles are easy on your hands. Height-adjustable handles let you choose the height most comfortable for you. A conveniently placed on/off switch makes starting and stopping the tiller simple.

    This productive Tiller/Cultivator features our patented, serpentine tines that easily break through new ground and sod, compacted soil... even hard clay. At 16ö/41 cm wide, it makes short work of large gardens!

    This tiller weighs just 34 pounds/15.5 kg! Once your garden is established, youÆll use the Mantis Deluxe XP Tiller/Cultivator to weed it quickly and easily.

    Tines are guaranteed for LIFE against breakage. Plus, the Mantis Tiller is backed by a 5-Year Warranty!


    NEW MANTIS Deluxe XP 4-Stroke Tiller


    Wide tilling width. 16" / 41 cm tilling width makes it faster to create a garden or prepare an existing one for planting. Quickly and easily converts to a 9" / 22 cm working width.

    10" / 25 cm Tilling Depth. Tills down 10" / 25 cm, chops through tough sod or hard clay soil as easily as sand and muck.

    Weighs just 34 pounds / 15.5 kg. Much easier to maneuver than larger tillers.

    Patented Serpentine Tines. Spin at up to 240 RPM and are guaranteed for a lifetime against breakage.

    Easy-starting engine. Powerful, Subaru 4-stroke 35cc engine powers the tines twice as fast as other tillers. Requires no mixing of oil and gas, is easy to start.

    Virtually Indestructible Power Train. Precision steel-cut gear system in heavy-duty cast housing for durability.

    Adjustable Handle Height. Handles adjust to the height that's just right for you.

    Flush-Mount Throttle. Gives you greater control. Throttle-activated centrifugal clutch means tines engage only when you squeeze the throttle. You won't have to worry about a "runaway" tiller.

    Convenient Handles. Handles fold for easy transport and storage. Convenient carrying handle for easier lifting.

    Soft, Comfortable Grips. Ergonomic comfort grips are easy on your hands

    Convenient Kickstand. Standard equipment on Deluxe tillers. Flips up and down just like a bicycle kickstand. Lets you park your tiller anywhere.

    Lifetime Guarantee Against Broken Tines. We're so confident in our patented tines if one of them ever breaks, we'll replace it for free. No matter how long you've owned your tiller.


    Mantis Deluxe Collage

    Our price INCLUDES Mantis kick-stand and delivery.


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