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Deco Pak - BULK Bag - Golden Flint (BBGF20)

Deco Pak - BULK Bag - Golden Flint (BBGF20) Deco Pak - BULK Bag - Golden Flint (BBGF20)
Price £ 169.99
  • Quantity
10 units in stock

Deco Pak - BULK Bag - Golden Flint (BBGF20)

Deco Pak
Price £ 169.99
  • Quantity
10 units in stock

Deco-Pak BULK Bags are available for Home Delivery.

Direct kerbside delivery from the supplier.

We still have A LOT of people asking for "Ivory Flint" by Livingstone.


Unfortunately Livingstone do not exist anymore, and for many months we DID carry stock of that product.
Now, however, all stock has been used up - but Golden Flint by Deco-Pak is a VERY good substitute.

If in doubt - ring us and ask - (01751) 471471

Each bulk bag has a coverage of approx. 12-15 square Metres (at 50mm depth).

Each bulk bag weighs approx. 850Kg

Bulk bag delivery is normally within 4 working days.

Golden Flint

Golden Flint can also be used as a deterrent for cats which can be prone to littering in gravelled areas.The sharp edges of the flint stone helps to keep them at bay in the kindest possible way.

Subtle mixture of gold, brown and yellow tones of sharp sided flint - ideal for most garden applicationsalso suitable for use in water features and aquatics after being washed thoroughly.

SIZE: 20mm

Note Well
Sizes should only be used as an approximate guide. The sizing is derrived through the grading of the seives that sort the aggregates at the quarry. Because this is a natural product it is likely that smaller and larger pieces of stone can get through.

Free Delivery to kerbside or hard standing area. Suitable access is required by tail-lift lorry and pallet-truck.


  • Brand
    Deco Pak

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